October 26, 2006

High Phishing Alert for Yahoo! users.

If you get a link from any of your yahoo friends do not click that link. It might claim photos, videos or other interesting elements from your friend or relative. But it may not be, Verify the URL for an authenticated Yahoo Site. The URL may look like this:


But the content will look like real yahoo login page.

Yahoo has created a protection mechanism called 'Login Seal'. You can create an unique photo or text seal for the computer you are using. So, whenever you login, verify the seal and make sure that you are in real yahoo login page.

This is the screen before the seal is created:
This is after creating the Seal:

Use it to prevent yourself from submiting your Yahoo ID and password to a Phishing site. Phishing is on the prowl. Many Yahoo users are loosing thier IDs in this Scam. Be Careful.