December 22, 2006

Find out which celebrity looks like you.

My friends say I look like Tom Cruise. :-) Yes, you got it right, I was dreaming!! The dream brought me a curiosity to check out if I have any celebrity resemblances. is there to help me. is a web site that helps us to find look-alike celebrities thru face detection technology. Once you upload your photo, it will scan its database of celebrity faces and will give you the matching results.

It works very fine. Here is my result:

It has a cool feature. It enables us to post the result widget directly to blog. Registration is required to see the results. Its quite easy and free. For best results, upload clear straight face picture. Just face is enough (lol).

The face recognition system of MyHeritage is very good. When I tried to find matches for this picture,
it could not find any match. Thank god, it didn't embarrass me by showing any human matches!!

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