December 26, 2006

Never miss your loved ones in dinner table anymore. A Technology Marvel.

Sounds funny? It may not in the future. Accenture is developing an interesting technology that expands the dinner table to the extend the webcams can go. Its a video conferencing technology that is being used in the dinner table.

It has been termed as "virtual meal technology" by Accenture. To utilize this, both the parties should inside the premises that is powered with Video Conferencing facility. The system will almost be automatic. That means the users need not have a technical knowledge of how to operate it.

What does this mean to non-techies?

Well, It is a simple concept. Suppose your are in Chicago, working for $50 an hour and your elderly mom and dad live alone in London and Bangalore. When your mom makes dinner ready and sets up the dinner table, the 'Virtual Meal System' detects it and alerts you. Being alerted, you go to the kitchen where a small speaker and microphone is capturing your activities. Speakers and a screen — as big as a television or as small as a picture frame — allow you to hear and see your parents, who have a similar setup.

In the picture below, two Accenture researchers demonstrate the concept.

The prototype may be ready in 2 years and it may cost around $500 to $1000. The system can use the existing setup of Broadband, TV, Speakers and Computers among others. This system may be used to many more ideas. Possibilities are endless. For example, it can determine whether a networked family member is watching television. It could then send a message that would be displayed on the TV. "It might tell you 'Mom is watching ESPN" The relative could then click to that channel.

We are never going to be alone in future!!

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