December 26, 2006

Some of the Awesome blog posts at the Problogger Group writing project. is a well known blog intended for bloggers run by Darren Rowse. Recently he had annouced a 'Reviews and Predictions Group Writing Project'. I missed it as I came to know about it only today. Anyway, the results are announced and I read a few Amazing blog posts that won prizes. I am sharing some of it here.
  1. 101 Blog Tips I learned in 2006 by Daniel
  2. Top 8 YouTube Videos of 2006 by Todd
  3. Top 10 Ugliest Sneakers of 2006 by Terry
[find more results here]

We should appreciate Darren for his continuous support to bloggers and this great idea of Group Writing Project. Awesome Darren!

Congrats to all the winners!

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