December 27, 2006

Unlike in DIGG, Submit your own stories at MOQVO

This post is for bloggers. Bloggers will understand what I mean by 'unlike DIGG'. Digg is a great concept. No second thought about it. Kevin Rose, Digg founder is one of my role models. He is a champion kid.

Digg swears that its ranking system is totally automated. They claim it almost in every paragraph of their FAQ. But reality seems to be otherwise. Many senior bloggers have proven that Digg staffs manipulate the entries to hit the home page.

Recently, Digg is under heavy fire for this manipulation. Digg has banned many many blogs and sites stating that they spam.

Suppose you write a post after researching hard for more than a week and you think the post is worth enough to hit the home page of digg. Post it to digg. Post 3 or 4 of your own stories in a day or two, and you will be banned from Digg. Reason: YOU SPAMMED OR PROMOTED YOUR OWN CONTENT. They dont like it.

Then how do we submit our own great stories? What is the solution?

Seems like there is a great service has been rolled out exclusively for bloggers in the name of

It is a site that has a similar idea as digg, netscape, reddit, furl etc. But what makes this site uniques is that, it encourages the bloggers to post their own stories and get them ranked. Very encouraging stuff for blogger. The process to submit a story is quite simple. Just complete a free registration and start submitting.

I have submitted my best stories. I recommend you to submit too. Lets promote this concept of promoting own (still good) stories.

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