December 28, 2006

Chat live with your visitors - The Meebo way, a well known Instant Messaging site that offers IM in Yahoo, MSN, AIM, Gtalk, ICQ and Jabber without any downloads. They have launched a new widget for websites and bloggs. This widget enables bloggers and webmasters chat live with the visitors. Take a look at this screenshot.

Its a flash object. It is a small piece of code to be embedded. You need to have a meebo account. Registration is free. Just a Meebo user ID is enough to chat live with the visitors. You need disclose your yahoo or MSN or GTalk ID. This is a great idea. This is the meebo screen when a visitor sent an IM:

It quietly sits inside the browser window. It alerts by flashing the title bar when somebody pings.

Great idea. Well executed.

Get this Widget here.

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