December 21, 2006

Back in Track after I messed up with the layout!

While trying to insert adsense ads in the post body, I messed up the entire layout. As the code formats in the beta blogger is entirely different from the old one, it made my life tougher for the past 4 days. :-(

In the process of fixing the problem, I deleted all the widgets. Later I found that it was unnecessary!

Anyway, Everything is set right now. I hope you like the new 3 column layout.

My sincere thanks to my fellow bloggers:

  1. Hans of Beautiful Beta for an excellent guide for 3 column template
  2. Protesto of Web-Messengers and Blogger Digest for their postings about Placing ads in post body
  3. Chuck of 'The real blogger status' for his instructions to replace Title with image.

Thanks guys.