December 16, 2006

Want to know patent details of products? Try Google Patents Search

Google has added a brand new search tool. This time it is for searching Patents. More than 7 million patents filed are now searchable on Google Patents Search now. It has features like text searches, documented updates and fast loading.

See the patent details for Push Pin and get used to interface.

The company blog says:
“It's a natural extension of our mission to make this public-domain government information more easily accessible using Google’s search technology,”
As expected, some of the users already have found some bugs. One reader pointed out that a search for IBM patents retrieved only 1,197 results on Google Patents, but that IBM received nearly 3,000 patents in 2005 alone. “I’ll bug someone about the IBM stuff,” wrote Berlin.

It may not be the ultimate tool for professionals. Its good for casual searchers.

Source: Forbes

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