February 23, 2007

Apple and Cisco Reach an agreement on iPhone name use.

Finally, Cisco and Apple have put an end to the iPhone name dispute. They have finished the matter without the intervention of the court.

Earlier Cisco was threatening to sue Apple for using the brand name 'iPhone' on its new mobile product. Now, the companies will share the "iPhone" name on both of their products (Apple's cellular and Cisco's Linksys-branded VoIP phone) throughout the world. Cisco wanted Apple to share the profit it gets from iPhone. This would have been the last thing Apple would have wanted to do.

Apple is known for its quality. Does the name matter so much to them? People buy their product for their quality, not for the name.

This is something confusing. We all know how intelligent Steve Jobs is. If the brand name is already in use, why would he and his company want to use it. This is ABC of business not to use a product name that is in use. Is this sort of a conspiracy?

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