February 19, 2007

Review any blog and get paid.. Cool idea from PayPerPost

PayPerPost.com has come with a new idea of giving away some bucks for those who review blogs. We always read many many blogs and talk to ourselves about the plus and minus of the blogs. If you think deeply, you will understand that you are missing some serious bucks. There are people who are ready to pay for opinions. PayPerPost has created this tool just for that. I love it. You just need to click the button below that says 'Review my Blog'. You are gonna be paid!!

Eventually, as more people writes review about your post on their blogs, it helps build blog traffic

This program is available to all the bloggers. This is great for those who do not like the idea of sponsored posts. The best part about this new program is that it does not force to write a review in positive tone only. You can write neutral reviews. That means, if you dont like a particular aspect of a blog, be it bad template, bad alignment, typo errors, wrong information or anything, you can express your views point blank.

How to use it:

Click "Affiliate Tools" in your blogger interface then, select review my post for details. You need to be a registered user of PayPerPost.

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