March 31, 2007

New Innovative Web Directory - BigWebLinks

We have seen many Web Directories that list many links in many categories. Most of the directories sort the listings by popularity, Page Rank, or alphabetically. The Big Web Links Bid Directory differs here. It sort the listings by the contribution amount. How does it benefit the site owners? I will tell you. This style of sorting of the listings gives webmasters greater control over where their site is listed in the directory. Say, I want my site to appear in the top page. I can do it by adjusting the dollar amount to the amount needed to make it appear on the top page. The more you bid, the top you go.

Added to this, the top 10 listers are shown on the home page and top 20 listers are displayed on the top link page. This is not it. More to come. There is a page dedicated for each category.

Adding all, there are 4 links possible in the directory!! Awesome.

They are promoting the directory massively. I am damn sure they are going to get a decent Google PR.