March 30, 2007

Search stylishly with previews of results with Finally a real competitor for google? is a great new way to search web sites and images. What makes it differ from the existing search engines? Well, in simple words, it offers preview of the resulting web pages even before you visit them. Look at the screenshot below for better understanding:

The Outlook like interface makes life easier. Saves time considerably. The image search is pretty useful. It pre-loads the images while we browse the results. It makes us browse the resulting images seamlessly. I love it.

It has a webmaster tool that enables the site owners to offer their users to get a preview on mouse hover of the external links on the pages. Many bloggers and site owners use it. It has a Firefox and Internet Explorer plugins as well to search from the search bar.

As far as speed of searching is concerned, it obviously is not as speed as Google. But considering the other cool features it has, the speed can be compromised.

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