May 11, 2007

"Battery is full, please unplug the charger" -Nokia

Now, our beloved Nokia mobiles will alert you when the Battery is full. It will stress you to unplug the charger from the wall socket once the battery is full.

These alerts are available in Nokia 1200, 1208 and 1650 models. It will be rolled out in all models soon.

There is a surprising news not many of us would already have known:
"Around two-thirds of the energy used by a mobile phone is lost when it is unplugged after charging, but the charger itself is left in a live socket."
said by Kirsi Sormunen, Vice President of Environmental Affairs, Nokia.

In the report, Techtree says that it is learnt that, this is an environmental initiative by mobile manufacturers, led by Nokia. And obviously, Nokia is the first company to implement it.

Via Techtree
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