May 24, 2007

Google is acquiring Feedburner

google_feedburnerGoogle is going to burn the feeds from now on. Yes. Yet another acquisition is on the cards. ZDnet reports that Google is acquiring Feedburner for $100 Million. Though not yet confirmed by Google or Feedburner officially, sources close to the companies confirmed it, says ZDnet.

feedburnerThis is a major acquisition by Google after the mega budget YouTube deal. Just to remind you, Google bought Youtube for $1 billion.

This is a very smart move by Google. Feedburner has been the king of RSS and by acquiring it, Google will have the power to control millons of feeds without any serious competition. The real benefit is for the Google Blog Search tool. New blog posts will reflect in Google blog search in no time from now on. Moreover, Google will have accurate details about the feed readers and the no. of users. This will help Google to have a strong eye on the main competitors of Google Reader - Bloglines, Yahoo, Newsgator and co.

The more Google spends, the more it earns!

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