May 2, 2007

Google personalized homepage is now called 'iGoogle'

igoogleNo, this is not an Apple-Google venture!! It has nothing to do with iPod and iPhone!! Google has renamed their personalized home page to 'iGoogle'. What is 'i'? Internet? Idea? Information? No. 'I' means I. I Google. Sounds a little good for me. The small letter 'i' reminds all of us of iPod and iPhone, doesn't it? I hope there is no conspiracy behind the naming.

OK, lets looks at some of the new features of this newly named product (or feature, as googlers call it).


All the existing themes are now available to all (earlier it was available in US only). Few great looking new themes have been introduced.


iGoogle lets us build new Gadgets easily. The catch is that you dont need to be a programmer to build. I like these gadgets: Calendar, ToDo list, Gmail, Notes, Calculator, Translator, Imagehosting, Currency converter, etc. I have it all in one single page. Very much productive. Loads of new gadgets are on the way.

Overall, this step of google is another attempt to make the users spend more time at google. It is an one stop site now.

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