May 3, 2007

System requirements for Vista - An expert analysis from an expert company, Fast-teks Inc.

cari diazFast-teks is an on-site computer service company in the U.S. They have offered free system requirements checking for Vista to run, on the service visits.

In an interview to, Cari Diaz, director of franchise support at Fast-teks has listed out the 'must have' things for each systems for Vista to run.

Here is the list:

1. Download and run Windows Upgrade Advisor

The Upgrade Advisor examines the system and lists out the available Vista versions for that system. You need to have the following things in order to run Upgrade Advisor:

* Administrator privileges
* .NET 2.0*
* 20 MB of free hard disk space
* An internet connection

* While installing the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor, it will detect if these components are present. If not, it will provide a link to where they can be downloaded. They are required to complete installation.

2. Check your CPU

Do you have a CPU that runs below 800 Mhtz? You have two choices. One: Upgrade it. Two: Forget Vista.

3. RAM

512 MB is the minimum requirement. 1 GB will make your life easier with Vista.

4. Hard Disk

Man, Vista is space hungry! 40 GB is minimum. Dont get shocked if I say you need to have 15 GB free space in it!

5. Graphics adapter

A major portion of Vista requirement, says Cari, is the Graphics adapter. So, spend some serious bucks in a good Graphics adapter, if you don't have one.

6. DVD drive

This is crazy... eeeeks.. DVD drive is a must. Don't have DVD drive? forget Vista, once again.

Though Vista looks expensive, like any other Windows OS, this is a beautiful software. Right blend of style and productivity.

Warning: Never use pirated version of Vista. Many systems were crashed by lack of security patches in pirated versions.

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