May 18, 2007

Windows Live Mail says India's biggest e-commerce site, IRCTC is 'phishing' is the biggest E-Commerce site in India. It is the online ticket booking site of world's biggest Railway Network, the Indian Railways. More than 30000 tickets are booked through IRCTC site in a day. Users need to have an email id to book tickets. Those who register in the site with Windows Live mail (or hotmail) are in for a surprise. Windows Live mail system flags mails from IRCTC as Phishing!! Look at the screenshot:

irctcClick to enlarge

This is happening for a long time. The IRCTC site is very popular in India. It has PR 6 from Google. Ranked in top 2500 sites by Alexa. And it is a well known Govt of India site.

This is ridiculous. This is a big insult for the Indian Govt. This shows the working pattern of the guys behind IRCTC and and Railways. I dont know if they had communicated to the Microsoft team. This issue can be seen in another angle too. It raises a question about the reliability of the site. When Live mail blocks something, there should be something questionable in it.

As a regular user, I have mailed both the parties about the issue. Lets see how far it goes.

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