June 29, 2007

iPhone Keyboard explained. Official video released.

One of the ultimate features of iPhone is the keypad less keyboard functionality. Its touch screen magic makes it unique. Apple has released a video tutorial of the keyboard usage. The video itself is brilliant.

The keyboard less phone has brilliant built in typing tools that will surprise users that are not familiar with iPod.

One of the features that grabbed our attention is the method of moving the cursor. Just slightly press the cursor and move left or right and a magnifying glass appears to assist. Look at this:

iPhone knows exactly which keyboard is required for which application. It changes accordingly. For example, when we need to type in an Email address in the To: field, the keyboard layout will not have the space bar, as there will not be any space in email address. Instead a button named '.com' will appear.

The iPhone has a full fledged built in dictionary and it corrects all your typing errors in great fashion. See the video for yourself to know more about the exciting features. The video comes in 3 sizes. The large video is about 68 MB.

Here is the link: iPhone Keyboard

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