July 16, 2007

How to download multiple files with one click for dummies

This is probably a well known task for the real techy geeks. This tutorial is aimed at Newbies that want to download a series of 'pictures' (in most cases) in one single click.

I am going to tell you guys how to download multiple files with my favorite download manager - Flashget. It is the fastest download manager as far as i know. Very easy to use.

Download Instructions

Flashget Latest Version or Flashget Classic Version

Install whichever version you like.

Steps to download batch files:

Step 1:

Find out the server address where the images are located. I take this for example:

http://www.dinakaran.com/kungumam/2007/july/12/[image name here]

Step 2:

Make sure that the images are named in some order. Say, 1.jpg, 2.jpg, like that or usa10.jpg, usa11.jpg etc.

Step 3:

Open Flashget. Click on 'Jobs' and select 'Add batch download'

flashgetStep 4:

Add URL like the following format:

URL http://www.dinakaran.com/kungumam/2007/july/12/(*).jpg

flashgetIn the 'from' box, there are two options. One for numeric and another for alphabets. If the image names (of any file type) have numbers, type the starting number and ending number in the column. EX: 1 and 40 means, img1.jpg, img2.jpg.... img40.jpg.

Just click OK.

Step 5:

Select destination folder. Thats all. It will start downloading all the files one after another.