October 23, 2006

Best Security Extensions in firefox.

I have been Using Firefox from its first release. For various and obvious good reasons, it has grown up as the no. 1 browser in the world. As everyone know, the success is credited to the open source phenomina. Firfox forced Microsoft to renovate its traditional browser( i love to call it an Orthodox browser!!) IE. It also forced its other big rival Opera to become a free browser (earlier days opera was offered with Ads)

In this article, I am going to give you guys some tips to work safely with Firefox. There are a few popular extensions that can prevent your data and system.

Lets discuss one by one:

1. NoScript.

Many Security experts believe that Java Script is one of the dangerous technology in web world. Many hackers use the jave script capabilities to perform malicious activities. At the same time Java script is considered to be one of the powerful tool to create dynamic, interactive and intelligent sites. Whats the solution then?? May be this: Allow good sites to execute Java Script and disallow bad sites!! Sounds cool.. :)

The idea to have a white list of sites that has been allowed to execute java scripts sounds great, right? Thats is what Noscript extension does. It allows us to have a list of sites from which you allow Java script to be performed. It is very much customizable. User friendly. Works silently.

Give a try!!

2. Site Advisor

This is a great tool that certifies the sites for thier nature and behaviour. These guys perform automated testings regularly for millions of sites. Based on the test results they give Green, Yellow, Grey or Red certificates. They test the following things of the sites:

2. No. of Emails they send a day, week or month
3. Links to other sites from the site
4. Popups

One of the great feature of this tool is its ability to tell us the verdicts of the search results from many popular search engines.

3. Adblock plus

This extension gives us the strength to eliminate ads from sites. It can identify any object that displays ads and eliminate it automatically, but the real power of this extension is, it gives us the option to right click the objects and make it disappear. It potenitially prevents us from clicking on bad links that are displayed thru ads.

(... to be continued)