October 19, 2006

Clamwin, The new Open Source AntiVirus !

Today I am going to write about the new free Open Source Anti Virus Clamwin. Its nice to see a big propreitory Industry like Antivirus becoming a part of the open source family. The gaints in the business like Symantec, Computer Associates, Trend Micro, etc are charging around $50 - 100 for subscriptions ranging from 1 month to 1 year. On the contratry Clamwin is offered for free. How is it possible? Lets Analyse.

First of all, let me tell you a major feature in Clamwin. Its not a real time protector from evil viruses. Its a stand-alone virus scanner. Meaning, You need to manually run the scanner whenever needed. So, comparing this product with Symantec Anti virus suite or Computer Associate's anti virus suite is not fair.

Then why do I need Clamwin?

There are many reasons why we should give a try for Clamwin. It does what a virus scanner supposed to do, i.e., Scan for viruses and cleans it if found!! Is it not enough? Other notable features:

1. Light weight. [uses less memory]
2. Small download. [5.5 MB]
3. Stand Alone Scanner. [doesn't interfere with your existing firewall+antivirus suite]
4. Fast scanning. [It finished scanning 140 MB of data in 74 secs in my p4+512 MB RAM system]
5. BEST OF ALL: F R E E!!!

Flaws I found:

1. Being an open source proj, the code may be exploited. Be careful in the downloading source. Always download it from clamwin.com
2. No Real time protection.
3. Still in development.

Lets wish Clamwin Team all the very best! Lets support them!!