November 1, 2006

Firefox 2 - A review

Without any big expectations, I downloaded the New Firefox Version 2 (Official Release). After started costumizing and using it, I realized that a fabulous web surfing experience is awaiting for me. Kudos!!! The new Firefox is extremely good. Some of its features immediately grabbed my attention (when i typed 'atention' for 'attention', it notified me the spelling mistake. Ooohhh lala.. yes it has an in-built spell checker now!!!).

I am going to share some of its new features with you.

Less Memory usage:

Firefox 2 is more efficient with memory and runs more smoothly with a large number of opened tabs. Technology guys use a term 'footprint' to represent the usage of RAM by applications. Firefox 2 uses almost 30 MB less footprint than IE 7. This avoids crash of the applications.

More ‘cleaner’ GUI:

The icons in Firefox 2 look more clean, and the entire GUI has been streamlined to have a “modern” look and feel. This is a great improvement over the previous look and feel.

Spell Checker:

This features is very useful for bloggers, people who mail frequently, etc. from the web browser. Although mny websites like web based email clients, blogging software etc. have spell check options, but they mostly have bloated interfaces.

(Mis-spelled words are automatically underlined)

(Suggested words list is displayed on right click of the mis-spelled word)
The Firefox 2 spell checker is very simple.

Search Suggestions:

Another great feature which I discovered in Firefox2, are the search suggestions. Like Google Suggest, where you type a word, and it displays all the relevant searches you might want to do. This feature has been integrated into the Firefox2 Search bar.

Total control over customization:

Just look at this website to see what I mean. EVERYTHING in the firefox interface is customizable, you can remove anything, any menu, any toolbar icon etc. IE7 does not allow you to customize the interface to the extent that you can remove menus.

So, these are few points that needed attention. You can download firefox 2 here:

Lets use Firefox for safer browsing.