December 8, 2006

Dont have time to read news? 'SimplyHeadlines' is for you!

Our fast paced lifestyles don't allow us to spend much time reading Newspapers. Never mind. Here is a beautiful solution.

SimplyHeadlines is a free, personalized daily email newspaper that contains news from thousands of sources such as the New York Times, iVillage, NDTV, Bloomberg, and the BBC, among others. The best feature of this site is that, users can also add non-news related items, such as local weather, Cricket scores, personalized stock quotes, keyword news clippings, comics, sudoku and other features to make their SimplyHeadlines a truly user friendly, customized, personal newspaper. It saves your time and effort when treading to stay afloat in today’s busy world.

Dont have a Computer? SimplyHeadlines has solution for you too. SimplyHeadlines is delivered by email for mobile devices as well. Cool isn't it? :)

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