December 8, 2006

Make Money from Blogging

Here is yet another site that pays money for placing Ads in our blogs / sites. Its called

What makes this site a little different from its peers is that it claims it pays instantly via Paypal for your link - no pay per click or graphics involved, just a static text link. To start with, simply enter your details below and a representative of the site will email you an offer for a link on your site.

This is what the site says on how it works:
"How Does it Work?

You email us your blog's link, which we will check out, then make you an offer for a link, the size of which depends on your blogs popularity, page rank and age.

If you accept the offer, we supply you the code for the link, and you upload it to your page. As soon as we see the link is live, we make payment by either Paypal, or cheque.

You are in control at every step, we do not touch your blog's code, and the link is totally un-intrusive. Why not see click the links at the side, and see some of the people who have already placed links for us."

Disclaimer: I personally haven't tested it yet.

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