December 4, 2006

MouseLaunch - An useful Application launcher

What is an application launcher?

Application launcher is a software that helps to open applications (like notepad, word, firefox, etc.) using shortcuts.

MouseLaunch is a program launcher that is activated by one MOUSE gesture. Its very easy to use.

How to use?
  • You can activate the launcher by holding down both mouse buttons at any location in Windows.
  • Once the launcher activated, move the mouse cursor a little to the registered program/file (eight-direction) and click to launch.
  • Once you experienced, it will takes less than 1 second for entire action.
  • After you launch a file, the launcher will be minimized automatically not to disturb your further operation.
How to associate programs with MouseLaunch?
  • MouseLaunch supports a drag-and-drop to register your favorite program and file to the launcher panels.
  • You can drag and drop a file from desktop area, Start menu, Quick Launch area, Windows Explorer and even from the favorites of the Internet Explorer.
  • You can register up to 8 files for one section and change the location freely by right-clicking at the panel.

This Screenshot will help you understand the usage pattern:

Fig 1: Three basic actions of MouseLaunch. Click to enlarge.

This product comes in two variations: Trial Version (its a free, but limited version) and Paid Version. Paid version supports 3 sections - center, left, right and with SHIFT key combination, you can register/launch up to 48 files quickly. In the trial version, only 8 panels are available to use in normal-center section.