December 4, 2006

Internote - Best Sticky Note Extension for Firefox

Sticky notes are very useful and it is around there for years now. There are many Sticky note applications and plugins are available now. The one I am going to discuss about is one of the unique Sticky Note tool for Firefox users.

Internote is an Extension for Firefox, Created by Tim Horton. The uniqueness of this tool is that it allows you to create notes on a web page which will be there once you return. It is very useful many times. For example, if you want to remember username and password for a website, you can create a note and stick with that page. Of course you can instruct Firefox to remember the password for you, but it is not a good idea for two reasons:

1. it is not desirable to use password reminder in a computer that is shared by many. With Internotes, you can note hint for the password, so even if any other uses reads it, he may not get the real password. I write 'KJU' to remember my password. Can you guess it ;)

2. The Firefox Password Manager Software is not very secured. [Read This: Critical Flaw in Firefox found]

This is the screenshot of my Firefox with Internotes:

Notes are very customizable, and come with many small, useful features. A manager is available, in which you can see all of your saved notes, edit them, print them, and delete them. Works with Firefox 1.5 - 2.0.0.* ALL

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