December 6, 2006

Blog on the fly with Performancing

Performancing is a Firefox Extension. It is a Blog Editor. With a single click, you can blog on the fly.

How is it useful?

Suppose you come across a very interesting news story. You want to let your blog readers know about the story. Normally what you do is to login into your blog account, create new post, switch to the news site tab or window, copy content from the site, switch back to blog editor tab or window and finally paste and publish it.

To make life easier for blogger, Performancing sits comfortably in Firefox window like this:

Fig 1: Performancing window. Click to enlarge

Performancing icon is displayed in the Status bar. You can invoke the blog editor window in one click. You can have multiple blog accounts. It works fine with Blogger Beta.

Version 1.3.5, released on Nov 12, 2006. Works with Firefox 1.5 - 2.0.0.* ALL

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