January 22, 2007

Dont know how to use ATM? Dont worry. A Thumb is enough.

In developing countries like India ATMs are considered to be modern and HiTech and is almost used only in urban areas. This sophisticated facility is not available in rural areas mainly because of the high rate of illiteracy. This scene may change soon.

A new technology that is going to help people to use the ATMs without the ATM Card and PIN hassles. It is called Biometric ATM. Just thumb impression is enough to use it. Indian government is planning to launch 15 Biometric ATMs at village kiosks in five districts across southern India. This would benefit more than 100000 users in and around the villages. They will use a finger print scanner instead of ATM Cards to access the Machine.

This move by the Indian government is closely monitored by Biometrics companies. If the experiment is going to be a success, then in future, all the ATMs including ones in urban areas will be Thumb impression enabled.

As in any other new technology, there are a few negative points about this is being analyzed and discussed. The main supposed-to-be drawback may be this:

In some of the more crime-ridden areas of the country, fingerprint IDs could lead to a new sort of crime where the criminals chop off fingers in order to withdraw cash from ATMs. Without a PIN code, a robber would be able to enter an account using a severed thumb. Giving option to use the finger he/she wants to access the system may be a solution for this problem. Still some people may argue 'what to do if the robber cuts off the wrist itself'.

Overall, this idea will surely give huge benefit to farmers and low paid workers in rural areas. The government should not stop this project stating unacceptable reasons as they do normally. Let us hope to see this project go live without any scam or behind the scene politics.

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