January 22, 2007

A free yahoo mail ID sold for $355 !!

What do you call this? A great business tactic? or Unethical trade?

A guy has sold a free yahoo email ID for a whopping $355 at EBay. The email ID is iPhone_Wholesalers@yahoo.com. The guy stated starting bid at $20. Amazingly the auction proceeded pretty fast and landed at $355. Goodness gracious me!!

It is very clear that selling yahoo IDs is a violation of Terms Of Service. We have to wait and see how yahoo reacts to this issue. This incident may lead to many more email id auctions in future.

Interestingly, the EBay site says that the seller is no longer a registered user of EBay.

There are few more Yahoo IDs similar to this like 'iphone_wholesaler', 'iphonewholesaler', 'iphonewholesalers' are not available too. We may see those being put in auction soon if ebay or yahoo (or any other web based email providers like gmail and hotmail) takes no action to prevent these kind of unethical trades.

I am just thinking about the man who won the auction. Is it really worth to get a free email ID for a huge price? Is it really going to help to promote his business? An iPhone itself costs lesser than this email ID! A web based free mail ID for a company doesn't attract many customers. It would be interesting to get an answer from the man himself for the reason he bought (!!) this free ID

Thanks JohnChow for reporting about the auction via Bob

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