January 22, 2007

Update: Geni.com Bugs

We wrote about Geni.com last week. We have found a few serious bugs with the site on 21st Jan 2007. We have the responsibility to update our readers with the latest reviews. Here are the bugs we found:
  • We entered an email ID of a contact wrongly. Surprisingly the tool doesn't have any provision to alter the email ID. So, we were unable to invite that contact to participate in the tree
  • More serious bug: One of our friends made a blunder. Somehow he entered his mom's data wrongly. He entered his mother as his step mother by mistake. He was trying in all possible ways to correct this serious data entry error but he couldn't as there is no provision for it.
  • The help page says you can delete a family contact if YOU had added him/her to the tree. This feature is still buggy. The system doesn't let us delete the contacts that we added. To some contacts it shows the delete option. No one knows what the criteria is.

So, add your family tree at your own risk, or wait till they come out with a solid bug free version.

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