January 18, 2007

Do you love your family? See this amazing Tool.

Creating family tree is not new. It has been there for ages. The look and feel of the concept has been changed from time to time. Geni.com is an amazing new 'family tree' tool. It uses flash technology beautifully.

Geni works like this:

The website allows users to create a family tree through a fun easy interface. When the user adds a relative's email address, that relative is invited to join the tree. That relative can then add other relatives, and so on. Each tree continues to grow as relatives invite other relatives.

This is what the CEO, David O. Sacks has to say:
"The rise of social media makes it possible for humans to collaborate and solve problems in new ways. One such area is genealogy. Mass collaboration via the internet finally puts us in a position to understand how every human being on earth is related. Not only can we learn who our ancestors are, we can create a living family network of all our relatives. That is our goal."
The conventional family trees shows only direct ancestors. This is where Geni differs from others. It allows us to include siblings, cousins and their families too. This is fantastic.

At present the tool is free to use. The company generates revenue by advertising.

Over a period of time, separate trees will start to overlap. They say we can merge it if we want. What is the logical spot that two trees can merge at? How are they going to organize the huge number of scattered tree lists? Lets see.

Update [22nd Jan 2007]: Few bugs have been found. See this post.

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