January 19, 2007

'Less Security = More Publicity' for MySpace

The social networking site MySpace needs no introduction. It is the most visited site in 2006. MySpace is one of those sites that needs no dedicated marketing wing to promote it. The spot at the headlines for wrong reasons it gets from time to time is the biggest advertisement for ZERO money.

Whenever it is sued, the free publicity it gets is unmatchable. Recently, four families have sued MySpace and News Corp. after their underage daughters were sexually abused by adults they met on the site. This is not the first time the Site being sued. Every time, the victims are underage children.

Why is it happening again and again? What are the measurements MySpace folks are taking to prevent unlawful acts?

MySpace has reacted fast with added efforts and partnerships with law enforcement teams. One of the promising methods is that the company has placed restrictions on how adults may contact younger users on MySpace. Another notable technology they are developing may let parents see some aspects of their child's online profile, including the stated age. That tool is expected this summer.

The company is making Millions of bucks. The site is a great place to hangout. Let us hope they come out with a serious solution.

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