January 11, 2007

How to find Invisible Yahoo users

The ability to login in invisible mode and stay offline for users in Yahoo Messenger is one of its most used features. But, we are in the receiving end at times too! Our pals hide themselves in invisible mode. They may be invisible to all or to you only. Do you suspect them to be in invisible mode? Do you want to find them? Read on...

There are many ways to do it. I will share those techniques one by one.

Technique 1: The Doodle Method.
Click the Imvironments button. Then select 'Doodles' from the list.

You will see this:

Now the verdict:

If the white board keeps saying 'Waiting for your buddy to load Doodle', then your pal is really offline. Dont suspect her/him!!

But, If the screen changes to blank like this:

Then it means that your pal is online and has hid himself/herself.
Technique 2: Conference method.
Invite your pal for Conference. Open IM with him, Click Action and select 'Invite for conference'.

Yahoo will tell you 'Voice could not be started', if he/she is offline.

Or it will enable the 'Voice', if he/she online but invisible.

The above said methods have one problem in common. That is, when you apply these tricks, the person you are suspecting will know that you are testing them, if they are online but hidden.

Technique 3: Using a third party tool.

The third technique is simple. The person will not know that they are being tested. This is a third party tool. I can not give guarantee for the results, though it gave us correct results when our team tested it with many combinations and scenarios for more than 100 times.

Here is the tool : BlockStatus

Bonus: You can find the status of MSN, AIM and ICQ users (Technopark team has not tested these utilities) with this site.

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