January 9, 2007

How to get back deleted Outlook mails?

Do you use Outlook? Do you have the habit of deleting mails by pressing Shift+Del? Ever been fired by boss for a deleted mail? Then, this post is for you.

Dont worry. You can get back those mails. Follow this method:

Step 1:

First go to Start-Run and Type 'regedit'

Step 2:

registry key.

Step 3:

Right click options and add new DWORD VALUE (data type is REG_DWORD)

and then right click and rename to DumpsterAlwaysOn. It is case sensitive.

Step 4:

Then right click and modify and make the value 1 to turn the Recover Deleted Items menu in Outlook choice 'on' for all folders or enter 0 to turn it off. Make sure it looks like this:

Step 5:

Go to Outlook ,
1. Click Tools
2. Select 'Recover Deleted Items'

Thats it!

Note: This procedure can recover mails which were deleted by pressing shift+ del in the past 30 days.

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