January 29, 2007

Neutral Riddle - Exciting and Challenging Puzzle

Okay, I give up! I am still struggling to move on to the next level of this stunning Riddle. Neutral Riddle an addicting time killer.

What is this game?

Basically, this is a game where you have to get to the next screen, in any possible way. You'll have to change URLs, search google for answers, and many other things... It's not easy, so don't give up too early...

You need to find the url of the next level by the image and hints. For example, this is the first level image:

Using this image, try to find out the second level screen's URL.

These are the hints given for first few levels:
Level 1:Come on, read the title... where do you want to go??

Level 2: Hell... the title again... read it, then decode it...

Level 3: Apparently, you'll just need the pic here... never heard of that number?? google it!

Level 4: Man, again you'll need google... what kind of code is the one in the pic?

Level 5: Please, get to the source code... well, how?? google again!
(2nd part): name the animals... and try to form an english word...

Level 6: Imagination... pic + title + source code maybe?? from now on, do this on every level

Level 7: OMG it's dark... what is the title referring to?? it's exactly reffering to this!

Level 8 - 70: No more help... you're on your own from here... don't forget to check the source on every level...

Honestly, I am not able to move to 2nd level.. (lack of time, seriously) let me know if you can!

Tags: riddle, neutral riddle