February 5, 2007

The argument and debate continue.. at Convinceme.Net

Do you love to debate? Do you love to argue? Then ConvinceMe is a right place for you. This is a new Site that looks very promising. Its a great place for debates. It is not just a place for debates. Is is not like forums. It is more than that.

You can create any number of challenges, and compete in any number of debates that other users create as challenges.

Benefits of participating:

Compete for votes, a winning record, and points. It's your chance to convince the world that you are right! It is a great feeling when the rest of the world gets convinced by your powerful argument.

If you get a certain number of points, and have a winning record, you can also have the chance of competing in our Debate Playoffs, with a chance to win a grand prize in the Super Bowl of debating!

If you want just fun, and are just interested in debating your opinion along with others, you can create open debates. These have no winners, losers, or points but the general public can still vote on the subject. Just fun.

The best thing about this debating platform is that it is FREE.

It has many open debates going on. See the list of popular debates at the time of this write up:

There are many more interesting debates available. Create one if you want to.

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