February 5, 2007

Learn things step-by-step at Instructables

Learning things in a step by step manner is always great. This site has a big repository of instructables. The best part of it is that, every instructable is given with images. That makes it easy to understand.

Registration is not mandatory to get avail of the instructables, but it is recommended.

You have the option to see all the steps in one page or one step per page. You can rate the presentation. You can see how many people liked it. I like the way the users share their knowledge in developing something.

One of my favorite instructables:

As you can see, the author explained it very well. Easy to understand.

Now see a few replies to this:

Wow..this gentleman has showed his version.. amazing. See next few replies:

Great collaborative work. When properly used, web can do wonders. This site and the idea are best examples for what collaborative human power is.

Many topics are available. Make use of it. Share if you have a good instructable. Enjoy.

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