February 8, 2007

Throw tomatoes at the site you hate. Fun with NetDisaster

Sometimes we feel like throwing tomatoes and rotten eggs at guys we hate, don't we? How would you feel if you get a chance to throw tomatoes or even shoot at site that you hate? Want a visual effect? See this example:

Click the image for live visual effect.

Ha Ha.. This is just example. I didn't throw it!!

You can do this at NetDisaster.com

Ok, a reverse action now. Let us show our support to great sites by pouring it with flowers like this:

Click the image for live visual effect.

I feel happy when I see flowers pouring live on Technopark!!

We have more option like shooting with gun, pixel shaver and many more.

This is my favorite: dinosaur (Extremely beautiful graphics)

John Chow is one of my favorite bloggers. I adore him very much. I want to dedicate a special graphics for him.

John, This is for you: :-)

Click the image for live visual effect.

John, You Rock!!

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