March 5, 2007

How to remember Passwords. Tips and Tricks

passwordPasswords have become unavoidable in day to day life. Programs that need passwords include Emails, Instant Messengers, Websites, Online banking, ATM Card, Credit Card, and the list grows long. Not to forget system Administrator password and Network access password. Remembering these passwords is real difficult. To remember passwords, there are password managers to help you. At the other end, if you forget passwords, there are many password recovery tools available.

Ok, the idea of this post is to help you to remember passwords by some tips and tricks.

Trick 1: The personal reference method

In this method people create passwords with personal significance. For instance, a four digit password can be a birth year or street address or phone number. It is not advisable to use present data.

Trick 2: The 'phrase it' method

To remember a random alphanumeric password, just try to make a phrase of it. For example, if the password is SGM56D, you can make phrase like 'Sam Gave Me 56 Dollars' or 'Sunil Gavaskar Made 56 Ducks' or anything that comes to your mind. If its a complete sentence, its easy to remember. It need not have a meaning.

Trick 3: The 'Song' method

Take the first letters of every word of a phrase of a song you know. Don't understand? See this example: "Every Night In My Dreams I See You I Feel You" is the song, and ENIMDISYIFY is the password. Got it? Make some letters caps. That will make it a more stronger password

Trick 4: The 'Sports' method

Are you a sports fanatic? Cricket? Football? Tennis? Then, this method will be your favorite. If you have an unforgettable game and its scores, make a password from it. For example, the famous 'headbutt' final of 2006 World Cup, in which Italy won 5-3 against France. I made a password like this: "5itance3fraly"Explanation: 5itance3fraly

Its all about creativity with a known reference. Do you remember your passwords in your own way? Share it with us. Leave us a comment.

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