March 2, 2007

PayPerPost Rocks. Make the most out of it.

Of late, PayPerPost (or PPP, as its been affectionately called) started to get attention from senior bloggers to newbies. Recently, I had written about their new review my blog program and how effective it is to bloggers and advertisers. After exploring so much about PPP, I found many more new features that actually is more than just Pay Per Post.

They have added top class features and the best part is that they are keep on adding many that surely are going to rock. Its going to be a real tool for blog marketing. One feature that attracts everyone is the new segmentation system that awards bloggers with high traffic blogs! The limit for a maximum price that would be paid for a single post has been increased multi folded to a whopping $1000. No, I didnt add an extra Zero by mistake. Its Thousand Dollars!! We can get more high paying opportunities very often with PPP.

One thing I like about PPP is that it treats small and big blogs in a similar fashion. By 'big' blog, I meant blogs with high traffic.

The special feature that catches our eyes very fast is, PPP only charges 35% fee. This makes me compare with ReviewMe that charges 100% markup. What does it mean to bloggers? It means, They are taking half of your money for every post that you write.

There are many ways to earn serious bucks with PPP without loosing the quality of our blog. I strongly recommend this awesome program.

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