March 20, 2007

What are the softwares you are using

Out of sheer curiosity, we ask our readers and friends what are the softwares they use for various tasks. This habit started long long back and still continues. Now we are going to tell you what are all the softwares we use for some general tasks in Windows platform. At the end of this post, we will tag 5 of our blogging friends to let them share what they use. Let this chain move on and on.

Here are our list (mostly used is left most)

Browser Firefox, IE, Opera
Messenger Yahoo, GTalk
Music Player Windows Media Player
Video Player VLC, Windows Media Player
Image Viewing IrfanView
Screen Capture FastStone
HTML Editor Nvu
Firewall ZoneAlarm, McAfee
AntiVirus McAfee, Zonealarm,
Bitdefender, Clamwin
AntiSpware AdAware, Zonealarm, Live

Firefox is ultimate, but IE is unavoidable for some sites. Opera is very useful sometimes.

As far as audio players are concerned, Windows Media Player 11 is awesome. It forced us to stop using Winamp, which takes hell lot of memory.

VLC player can handle most of the file types. Easy to Use.

IrfanView is a known champion in image viewing. I hope nobody argues against it.

In Security department, we are a big fan of ZoneAlarm. Its a great product. Here at TechnoPark, we cant live without ZoneAlarm. Probably this is the only paid software we are using.

OK, Now let us tag 5 of our blogging friends:

Ashish Mohta of
Thilak of Tech-Buzz
Abhishek Bhatnagar of TechnixUpdate.
Rishi of RishiRaj
Himanshu of ThoughtsPrevail

Lets discover what softwares our friends use. Do visit these blogs. All are great tech blogs.