March 21, 2007

Cooliris Previews - To see and send links instantly

Ever wanted to have a tool that gives you the power to share a link with your friend instantly? Do you like to have a smarter way to search within a click?

Cooliris Previews is there for you. The real power of Cooliris is that it gives a preview of links. This facility avoids us from clicking over the link and see where that link leads. Another advantage of this is that you can even interact with the preview window (which is not possible with SNAP). Very efficient.

These are the features listed by the author:
  • Simply mouse over the Cooliris link icon, and a preview window will instantly appear to show you the underlying content. No more clicking back and both, or leaving your current page.
  • To email a link instantly, just right-click on any web page.
  • Right-click on any phrase to have Cooliris automatically do a subsearch in Google, Wikipedia, or a dictionary.
  • Customize how and when you want the preview window to appear.
Install from here