April 23, 2007

Are we really fighting against piracy?

I don't think so. Top companies like Yahoo! and google have been accused for plagiarism. Top bloggers commonly copy contents and images without giving any credit to the original author.

Why am I talking about this now?

Today morning I read an article in TechCrunch about a new web startup called Middio. Middio is all about collecting unauthorized music videos uploaded by users on Youtube. In addition to collecting the unauthorized music videos, Middio adds tags the videos for easy search. Piracy at its peak. What is more disturbing in this story is that, a mega popular technology blog like TechCrunch, which has more than 350k subscribers is promoting this venture.

Already, there are many cases pending against Youtube for having unauthorized videos on its site. Dont we have the responsibility to eradicate piracy in all forms? Doesn't TechCrunch have the responsibility?

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