April 19, 2007

Follow any web page updates easily with notifyr

Are you keep on visiting a site just to see if it has an update that you are looking for? I do it. Let me explain the scenario. I am waiting for an University to open up its engineering admissions for this season. I keep on visiting the site and the specific page of the course daily to see if the admission is open or not. I see the phrase "Admission is yet to be opened". It will be nice if somebody notifies me if the phrase changes as the University site does not offer any notification service for admissions.

notifyr does exactly that. Just supply notifyr the URL of the page and the phrase you want to monitor and provide an email id. Thats it. it will notify you if the phrase disappears or appears. See this screenshot:
It is as simple as that.

Technology is a gift. It is all about ideas that improve our quality of living.

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