April 30, 2007

Are you FAT? or becoming FAT? FatSecret helps you.

Are you interested in diets and related stuff? Then, FatSecret is a right place for you. FatSecret is a new Web 2.0 site that gives us a platform to share our knowledge in dieting and weight losing. One has to register for free to access the features. The main feature of this web 2.0 site is to monitor the weight by stating the current weight and goal weight. The site lets us know various diet programs (very clever ads, in fact.. lol). The diets are analyzed and ranked by the users.

One of the nice features is the graph they present for the updated daily weights of the users and the graph is shown on the profile page. This is very useful in controlling out junk eatings :)

How? haha... When you see the graph grow negative from the 'goal weight' point, an alarm rings in your brain, doesn't it? ;)

Another nice thing to note is the 'recipe' section. Users are allowed to upload their own recipes and FatSecret tells you the nutritional value by analyzing the amount and types of ingredients.

Verdict: Excellent Startup with scope for improvements.

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