April 16, 2007

Easy way to follow comments on blog posts

We read many blogs and leave comments at large numbers. Following all the comments is a hectic task. Of course there are few sites that offer RSS feeds for comments, but not all sites do it.

Commentful is a new Web 2.0 service that helps us follow the comments very easily and effectively. It is a product of Blogflux, a well known site among bloggers.

It works very smoothly. It needs a free registration. You can login with the Blogflux ID if you have already registered in blogflux.com. After logging in, simply add the url of the comment and Commentful will do the rest.

3 ways of Adding comment pages to track:

1. The good thing about this service is that it comes with the Firefox extension. This extension makes life much easier. Whenever you want to track a page, just right click it and select 'Add to commentful'. That really is it!! Fantastic. Works like charm. Click here to install the Comentful Extension for FireFox

2. Use the bookmarket. Drag this link to the toolbar: Add To Commentful. Whenever you want to track a page for comments, just click the link in your toolbar.

3. After logging in, Just visit the 'Watchlist' page.

Getting Notified of New Comments:

1. Install the FireFox extension. It will place a small 'bulb' in your status bar. Yellow = no new comments to read, Green = new comments to read. Just click the bulb to have your Watchlist page open.

2. Subscribe to your Watchlist RSS feed. Visit your Watchlist - there is an RSS link at the top, left of 'mark all as read'

3. Visit your Watchlist in your browser.

Technopark Verdict: Very Good.

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