April 12, 2007

Review of Online Image editing tool Fauxto

fauxtoImage editing is a process of changing and manipulating photographs and other graphics, usually performed electronically using software applications such as Adobe Photoshop. Installing a software like Photoshop has two problems. Firstly, it eats hell lot of memory and affects the system performance considerably. The second problem is obvious. Yes, it is not free! You need to spend much for it.

If you are not into serious image editing, then it is advisable to give online image editing tools a shot. This article discusses about an online image editing tool called fauxto.

working screen
Fauxto has all the basic features that image editing tools are supposed to have. Cropping, Rotating, Resizing, Pencil, Brush, Smudge, Text and many more. It has a rich set of filtering optins. See the screenshot:

Surprisingly, it has the 'layer' feature. For a small online tool like this, a layer feature is awesome.

A free registration is required to use Fauxto. Fauxto has online album and thousands of photos uploaded by users. We can edit photos from our computer, web or our fauxto album.

Overall, it is a great free tool for good image editing work.

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