April 7, 2007

Useful Addons for IE 7 (Part 2)

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4. YouTube downloader and converter

We have seen many tools to download YouTube videos in FireFox. This is a great tool for IE 7 that has an edge over its counterpart in FireFox. This tool has a converter that converts the downloaded FLV format to AVI, MOV(MAC), MP4 (IPOD, PSP), 3GP(Mobile), mp3 (Audio only). Get it here.

5. SmartMouse

Those who have worked in Opera knows very well about the Mouse Gesture functionality. Its great. Now, this tool SmartMouse is trying to fill that gap in IE. It works well too. We cant give it a five star rating because it doesn't have a customizable mouse gesture option. Download from here.

6. AutoRefresher

Another feature that Opera has and other two browsers don't is the Auto Refreshing of pages. This tool does exactly that. You can set time intervals for different page window. Istaller/uninstaller are included with this package. Get it here.

7. IE7 Open Last Closed Tab

Its a simple tool but very effective. It does well what it says it does well. 'Alt+X' reopens the last closed tab. It has another great feature. Hit 'Alt+q' and you will get thumbnail view of all closed windows. Good tool. Download from here.

8. Nutshell Toolbar

Multiple search engine integration tool. Select the word or phrase and right click to get list of Search engines including Google, Yahoo, Live, IMDB and many more. No need to navigate to these sites and type in the query. Nice tool. It is available here.

There are many more Addons available. Windows Marketplace is a Microsoft site, so you can trust it. While installing Addons from other sites, be careful of the source site.

If you come across a good Addon, Share it with us.

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