April 6, 2007

Useful Addons for IE 7

IE 7 lacks many features of Firefox 2 and Opera 9. Adblock, Permatab, NoScript, GreaseMonkey and many great features are missing in IE. Here are a few Addons that try to make IE look more dynamic.

1. Inline Search by Core Systems

Though it doesn't match the "Find while you type" feature in firefox, its a good inline search tool. It has to be raised by pressing Ctrl + F. Download from here.

2. Spell checker

Simple extension to check spellings for the forms and input text boxes. It looks fast and accurate. Accessible from Right click menu. As with any other spell checker, this allows us to add words in the dictionary. The negatives are that it doesn't check for errors as you type and it can't correct punctuation errors. Here is the download page.

3. WordClick

This is a tool to search the web in one click (click, double click or alt+click.... you can set it). Click on any word in a page and get results from your desired search engine. A good thing about this tool is that it allows us to set the speed for how long to hover over a word before the it becomes an active link. Nice tool. Get it from here.

(To be continued...)