May 9, 2007

JavaFX, Full stop to AJAX

This is a bad news for AJAX Developers, who is sweating in fighting with AJAX code to make it work both in FireFox and IE.

All the AJAX code will be going to dust bin soon.

Sun Microsystems has introduced a new scripting language called JavaFX. JavaFX is a new extension to the Java family.

What does the language offer?

JavaFX is a blend of Animation, Interactivity and programming interface that works with Adobe Flash and Microsoft's new Silverlight technology. The difference is that, it uses the Java Runtime instead of JavaScript.

In the press conference, James Gosling of Sun said "Most scripting languages are oriented at banging out Web pages. This is oriented around interfaces that are highly animated,"

JavaFX is secured. How?

At present, AJAX uses constant connection with JavaScript to function. On the other hand, JavaFX is designed in such a way that it uses desktop integration of over-the-wire applications with Java. What does it mean? It means, JavaFX need not use a large amount of JavaScripts that is sent over the network. Instead it works well by using the locally installed Java SE files.

This design, eventually eliminates a big security threat posed by AJAX by send or receiving JavaScripts with malicious code embedded in it.


Another advantage JavaFX has over AJAX is that, unlike AJAX, it doesn't demand content creators to be programmers. The goal is to make it easy, so people never have to see code.

Sun is coming back strongly. Remember their decade old mantra? "Write Once, Run Anywhere". They are making us rememer it after a long time!

Does JavaFX signal the end of the road for AJAX?

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